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Owning a VW made easy at Calgary

It is everyone’s dream to own a car of world fame and Volkswagen fits the requirement to the hilt. A car is not a luxury anymore and anybody with a little source can buy a car easily. Volkswagen is engineered by the ever dependable German technology and this feature itself makes it a favorite when it comes to choosing an automobile. VW is among the most sold automobiles in the world because it is an automobile engineering marvel. The elegant designs and sound engineering makes it a pleasure to drive and the unbeatable workmanship ensures trouble free performance. If you live in or around Calgary the best place to buy the car is the Fifth Avenue Autohaus Calgary which is authorized to sell VW automobiles and has an efficient service team comprising of VW certified technicians to support after sale service and maintenance.

Visiting their website will allow you to make up your mind. The website contains every information you need including a Car Finder tool and finance calculator. The company has a huge inventory of VW automobiles new and used and you can browse through the lot and select your choice. If finance is a problem then Calgary VW would arrange for that too. It would be more appropriate for you to visit the establishment to test drive the vehicle you have chosen for yourself and the extremely friendly and efficient staff would help you to buy the car of your dreams.

Apart from providing new car to customers the company also offers used cars if you need them. The company boasts a long list of trucks, vans, SUVs and used cars to satisfy your requirement and you will return disappointed after you had inspected these vehicles. The used cars are wringed through a series of tests before they are ordered so that they give trouble free services to the buyers. The inspection regime is contained of 112 points to make sure that the company gets the off-make cars and used VWs live up to expectations.

The company has also made sure that the vehicles they sell are well taken care of. To ensure this they have recruited a team of technical personnel who have been trained and certified by Volkswagen. The facility is equipped with 14 VW service bays manned by 10 Red Seal and 3 trainee technicians who are always ready to service the vehicles and make them road ready. With such service team in place there is no need to worry about your car’s maintenance whether it is for routine service or maintenance repair.

If you want to finance the purchase of your car the company is more than willing to assist you and with their effective car financing system they will ensure that the monthly installment you need to pay is within your pocket’s capability. If you are a resident of Calgary, Alberta then Fifth Avenue Autohaus Calgary is the place you will be shopping the vehicle of your dream because they are among the best VW dealers.

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