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August 14 2013


Fifth Avenue Auto Haus: Feedbacks from Customers

If you are looking for a dealer of Volkswagen car, there is no doubt that you will be confronted with numerous options. There are many dealers of new and used cars that abound the market, which basically explains why it is challenging to settle with an option that you will most probably not regret. More often than not, there is a need for you to exert time and effort to first do a little bit of research before making any choice. The best thing would be to go online and look for reviews that have been shared by other people. You can also consider asking people you personally know for recommendations with regards to the dealers that you should be working with. If you live in Calgary, there is no more need to look further. One of the best choices that can be taken into account is the Fifth Avenue Auto Haus. Over the years, it was able to build a good reputation in the industry. The succeeding paragraphs will let you know more on why the latter is the case, and on why this is an option that will surely not lead into frustration.

In many of the reviews about Fifth Avenue Auto Haus, one thing that has been highlighted by the customers it served in the past is that it has been accredited by the BBB, or the Better Business Bureau. The latter is an organization that publishes reviews about different businesses across a variety of industries to help people in making well-informed choices. According to the review of BBB, this dealer is excellent because of the years of experience in the industry, minimal complaints filed against the company, and the immediate resolution of the complaints that have been filed on the management.

Customer service is another reason on why there are many who trust this dealer. In the company, the buyers are not simply treated as customers. Rather than seeing their buyers as someone who they will have to see only once, they are treated as family who will be in a business relationship with the supplier for a longer period of time. In fact, they strive as much as possible to make their office as comfortable as possible so that the buyer will be at ease when dealing with them.

Furthermore, one more thing that makes Fifth Avenue Auto Haus a favorite of their customers is the fact that they have a wide selection of models, depending on the preferences of the buyers. They have both new and used models. You simply need to determine the budget that you have and their team of sales people will try their best to find the perfect car for the financial resources that you can afford. You can be assured that these people will give the best value for whatever you have. You will also be presented with several financing options that will make it possible for you to buy your dream car without requiring too much on your part.


Learning more about fifth avenue autohaus calgary

If you are someone who is really bored with the kind of car model you have and you would like to buy a new one, then you should know that there are many options you could consider. Most of the times though people don't have too much money and that is why they will want to go with a second hand car. In this regard, checking out the fifth avenue autohaus calgary is certainly recommended. Below, this article will tell you more about the things you need to keep in mind when looking for a second hand car. 1. Private parties One of the first things to keep in mind is that sticking with private party cars will help you save a lot of money. You'll be able to eventually get more for your cash when buying from a private party compared to a dealership. However, even though this may not be always true, most of the times individuals will be more open to negotiations compared to dealerships, which is a good thing for you. 2. Use the internet By using the online search engines you'll easily be able to widen the reach and scope of your search. You won't have to worry about checking out print classified ads anymore, because nowadays everyone is posting classified ads on the internet. On top of that, they also offer the best variety of cars for the most affordable prices. 3. Act fast If you stumble upon a good deal, you should definitely act fast. The good fifth avenue autohaus calgary cars dollars will be sold quickly and the faster you are with your search, calls or bids, the more chances you'll have to buy your dream car. Don't drag your feet and always stay alert, as this will help you get a great deal on the car you want to buy. 4. Walk away when you have to There are some cases in which an auction may become suspicious or things just didn’t go the way you planned them to, so that is why you should be prepared to walk away. Don't be afraid to negotiate if the car is not sold for the price you initially were willing to pay and remember to just walk away if the seller won't accept your offer. In some cases, they'll reconsider right after they'll see you walking away. By the same token, you should also know that trusting your gut is an important part of the buying process and if you feel something fishy about the car, then you should keep looking, even if you really liked that model. Don't be discouraged, as there are many other cars out there for sale and you can always find something else. 5. Check the car Before you'll pay for the car, you should have it inspected by a professional mechanic and see if there's anything wrong with it. This is a very important step, especially when you're buying from a private party. If you can't take the car to a mechanic, at least be sure you bring along a friend who knows a lot about cars, as he'll be able to offer you solid advice on whether the car you're looking at is a great find or a lemon. If the seller is vague or unwilling to answer you the questions regarding the car's reliability and condition, then just walk away and keep looking.

July 10 2013


Owning a VW made easy at Calgary

It is everyone’s dream to own a car of world fame and Volkswagen fits the requirement to the hilt. A car is not a luxury anymore and anybody with a little source can buy a car easily. Volkswagen is engineered by the ever dependable German technology and this feature itself makes it a favorite when it comes to choosing an automobile. VW is among the most sold automobiles in the world because it is an automobile engineering marvel. The elegant designs and sound engineering makes it a pleasure to drive and the unbeatable workmanship ensures trouble free performance. If you live in or around Calgary the best place to buy the car is the Fifth Avenue Autohaus Calgary which is authorized to sell VW automobiles and has an efficient service team comprising of VW certified technicians to support after sale service and maintenance.

Visiting their website will allow you to make up your mind. The website contains every information you need including a Car Finder tool and finance calculator. The company has a huge inventory of VW automobiles new and used and you can browse through the lot and select your choice. If finance is a problem then Calgary VW would arrange for that too. It would be more appropriate for you to visit the establishment to test drive the vehicle you have chosen for yourself and the extremely friendly and efficient staff would help you to buy the car of your dreams.

Apart from providing new car to customers the company also offers used cars if you need them. The company boasts a long list of trucks, vans, SUVs and used cars to satisfy your requirement and you will return disappointed after you had inspected these vehicles. The used cars are wringed through a series of tests before they are ordered so that they give trouble free services to the buyers. The inspection regime is contained of 112 points to make sure that the company gets the off-make cars and used VWs live up to expectations.

The company has also made sure that the vehicles they sell are well taken care of. To ensure this they have recruited a team of technical personnel who have been trained and certified by Volkswagen. The facility is equipped with 14 VW service bays manned by 10 Red Seal and 3 trainee technicians who are always ready to service the vehicles and make them road ready. With such service team in place there is no need to worry about your car’s maintenance whether it is for routine service or maintenance repair.

If you want to finance the purchase of your car the company is more than willing to assist you and with their effective car financing system they will ensure that the monthly installment you need to pay is within your pocket’s capability. If you are a resident of Calgary, Alberta then Fifth Avenue Autohaus Calgary is the place you will be shopping the vehicle of your dream because they are among the best VW dealers.

June 10 2013


Get your Volkswagen time belts replaced at fifth ave auto haus

Whenever you consider the working of your engine, the most important factor to be kept in mind is the time belt. At fifth ave auto haus, the problems dealing with your engines are well taken care of. It has been stated that the engine of your vehicle is completely dependent on the time belts. The time belt has to be taken care of for better synchronizing of the various working parts of the vehicle. Your entire engine won’t function without the use of time belts. These days the VW which have been provided timing belts have been classified into various kinds. Some of them are gifted with interference kind of engines. Thus the internal functioning of engines will cross easily cross their paths. And when they are synchronized using the time belt, the parts of the vehicle, will bang with one another.

It has been stated that if the time belt or the rollers fail, it could have been caused due to a sort of catastrophic misfunctioning.You will thus have to get expensive and costly repairs done for the same. These repairing service are easily provided at the fifth ave.It has been considered that in most of the cases, the service centers herein will provide you with a special kind of time span so that you can get your time belt changed. The company will replace your time belt if it has been worn off up the desired expectations’ and thus you will be free from the issues related to its failure.

As and when you check your manual, you will find that in most of the cases, you will have to get an inspection done prior to the time which has been recommended for the replacement. Sometimes the factors for replacement have to be kept in mind keeping in the condition of your Volkswagen. You may have gone through an earlier inspection. This may have been caused due to the environmental factors as changes in temperature as well as other kinds of driving factor which easily affect the wear and tear of your belt. Some factors are external which can affect the shelf life of your VW time belt. The vital nature of this unique component as listed in the manuals states that, you should soon consult nearest service center as the time intervals may be different in various regions.

Fifth ave auto haus has built up a strong department which is having experience of multiple decades. They have made an excellent practice related to the time belt and it will suit your vehicle according to the climate, your specified region as well as the driving atmosphere. In some models which were having the automated transmission, the time interval with the time belt changing was prescribed to be around 60,000 kms. And in the recent models, the distance has been prescribed to 125,000 kms.You should consult your manual for any kind of recommendation and then contact the services center for the required information. The professionals working herein are certified and have years of experience in handling repairs.

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